About us

Who are we? We are a group of individuals who specialize in Tibetan culture. We read, speak and write the language and also make regular trips to 'China's' Tibet and in exile. We wish to put forward other views, new views, views which could at times seem contradictory or unconventional. Our aim is to show what Tibet is really about by giving a fresh perspective, rather than allowing it to be reduced to the mere cliché which it so often becomes due to a lack of accurate information. Our main area of expertise is the translation of Tibetan texts. Our aim is not only to give Tibetans a voice, namely through their writing, but also to destroy the colossal propaganda machine set up by the occupants of Tibet in order to legitimize their presence there and further corrupt the minds.We by no means support the People's Republic of China's political behaviour towards Tibet. On the contrary, we seek to give the reader a clearer picture of what is happening. Many of our translated documents are propaganda material that few Westerners are even aware of. They expose the 'conditioning' which Tibetans of China must undergo. Also available are translations of texts which illustrate the Tibetans' stance when faced with the political climate in their country of origin and their identity(s).Let it be noted that we are not affiliated with any Tibetan organisation in exile.